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Cute Summer Tops 

Our Flip Flops & Fangs cute summer tops are a wardrobe must-have.  These emo tops and funky tops are great for the summer and you'll love the bright colours.  Whether you're looking for a girls vest, or a womens vest top, or just cool tops, then look no further!  These cute summer tops have Flip Flops & Fangs fave designs such as' I See Stupid People', and 'Did You Eat Dave?'; a normal question to be on all emo tops and girls vests! Or even a womens vest tops, anyone can see Stupid People, after all!

Funky Tops 

These funky tops and womens vest tops come in bright colours and of course a classic black, an essential for every girl vests.  Why are these such cool tops? Why do we have the emo tops to top all emo tops? The King of all cool tops?  The, uh, Fandabidosie of all funky tops?  Well, these girls vests have a razor back, a great shape for cute summer tops.  These funky tops also have a boyfriend fit, so this womens vest top is cool and loose during the summer.  Sounds good?  It gets better!  Flip Flops and Fangs use wonderfully smooth brushed cotton to give your funky tops an "oooohhhhh" feeling.  Just what all cute summer tops and girls vests need!

Emo Tops 

What's that you say?  There's no cool tops or more importantly, cool emo tops around? Well that's because Flip Flops & Fangs is being as greedy as the snake that ate Dave and is keeping them all to ourselves.  If you want some great emo tops or just some super-dooper cute summer tops, or even some womens vest tops,  then we've got a range that you'll not only love, but will make you giggle.

Cool Tops 

Cool tops you say?  Flip Flops & Fangs, you say?  Of course there's cool tops at Flip Flops & Fangs, that's what we do.  We drink lots of red bull to come up with our funky tops and here, for your viewing pleasure, is the selection of our very finest girls vest and womens vest tops!  Never fear, our cute summer tops are here to rival all funky tops in the universe, well at least we think so!

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